What is the secret behind CHANEL's smooth creative transition?

CHANEL fashion show January 2021 Virginie Viard

The close relationship between CHANEL's current creative director, Virginie Viard, and the late Karl Lagerfeld is not enough to explain the continued success of the famed French fashion house. 

At CHANEL, Karl Lagerfeld worked for four decades refining and perfecting the brand's codes to ensure that cultural intelligence gets filtered through, absorbed, and transformed through a very specific framework, unique to CHANEL. These principles still ensure today, and after the passing of the torch to Viard, that the brand remains coherent while it still evolves.

But if we look at CHANEL's fashion shows, such as the one from late January 2021, we realize that what makes CHANEL stand out today is the consistent application of the luxury business model that only the best and most persevering of luxury brands follow today.

There is an elaborate discussion of the luxury business model in Rethinking Luxury Fashion. Additionally, I will soon be holding seminars to dig a little deeper and help you figure out how you can reinforce your company's strategy by implementing a step-by-step plan. If you are interested, drop me a line below.

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