This book focuses on case analysis of specific luxury fashion brands and attempts to link those to the greater context of material culture while also exploring the relationship between creative strategy and cultural intelligence.



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The time is right to bring up the idea of cultural relevance  in the luxury and fashion industries. Are you a producer, consumer, or observer of products and brands? What has changed how you perceive your favorite brands in today's culture? 

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In this outstanding book Professor Serdari explores the Luxury Fashion’s cultural contexts and shows how the most successful brands have stayed relevant by constantly adapting their message to the society evolving around them, while being true to their spiritual self. The author does not limit herself to analyzing ad hoc cases; she also creates a framework that integrates quantitative analysis and qualitative inputs. In so doing, she allows the reader to better understand the complexity of the fashion luxury industry and its connection with the world around it. This is required reading if you want to delve beneath the headlines and comprehend the nuances of the industry.

David Meir Sasson, Chief Operating & Financial Officer, Bonobos

This book gives you the code to read the soul of a luxury fashion brand and understand not only how it operates but also, most importantly, why it is successful. Art, Science, Engineering, Design are the ingredients behind a luxury fashion brand business model. They tell you how it operates. However, if you want to know the alchemy that makes the brand successful in a certain space and time, understanding its business model is not enough. This book suggests “cultural intelligence” as a way to understand why some brands enjoy long-term financial success.

Massimiliano Bonacchi Professor of Accounting at University of Bolzano and Visiting Professor at NYU - Stern School of Business

Thomaï Serdari has a way of taking the abstract and illusive notion of what drives fashion and luxury and brings structure to it.  She clarifies what most of us can only sense at best, that the creative root of this industry is a compelling and powerful blend of the arts, science and math, sociology, psychology, business acumen and masterful talent.  What we think is cool marketing is really the ability of collaborative, creative talents feeling and responding to the consumer and her wishes.  This celebratory and insightful book breaks this process down and gives it context and shape.

Steven Roberts, CEO, The Echo Design Group

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