The Sneaker as (Hyper)Object

Virgil Abloh Nike The Ten Icons Sneakers


Virgil Abloh's new Nike book explores in depth the making of Ten Nike icons (a.k.a. "The Ten") for which the two powerhouses (Virgil Abloh and Nike) collaborated.

In addition to sharp illustrations of the Icons, the book includes details on Virgil Abloh's creative process as well as his views on contemporary cultural aspects that are tied to his interpretation and remaking of the famed shoes.

Highsnobiety, the Germany-based English streetwear blog and media platform, captioned an image of the forthcoming book on their Instagram feed as "[Virgil Abloh]'s New Book Treats the Sneaker as a (Hyper)Object." (IG @highsnobiety January 11, 2021)

Looking for an explanation of what a (Hyper)Object might be? Read chapter 8 of Rethinking Luxury Fashion and let's touch base on how you can augment the creative direction of your brand by incorporating the nuances of other contemporary hyper-objects that define our life today.

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